Today in the Studio

Listening to Christmas music on Pandora while working on a few prints and wrapping gifts.  Happy holidays!

Golden Goodies

Several golden goodies have caught my eye this season, just wanted to share a couple of my favorites!
Tiny Heart Necklace
Gold Wishbone

Initial Rings

Gold Flatware

One of the Reasons I Love this Season...

Aside from the decorations, peppermint white chocolate mochas, and general holiday cheer, I love this time of year because you can get d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s grapefruit!!!  I could eat about a hundred of these a day.

My Little Studio Mate

Ella loves to be around the action... even if it's just working at the computer.  Here's her favorite daytime spot :

And if you can't  find her supervising computer work, be sure to check the sofa : 

Isn't she just the cutest?!

Homemade Chinese Dumplings

Several days ago, Josh and I had another adventurous day in the kitchen.  We made Chinese dumplings from scratch!  They were oh-so-yummy with our hand-rolled dumpling skins, and small-batch fillings containing any of the following ingredients : shrimp, tofu, scallions, cilantro, ginger, garlic, onion, shredded carrots, shredded cabbage, and of course sesame and red pepper oils.  We made enough to have a couple of rounds of leftovers, but they didn't last long.  They were just THAT GOOD.

Here are some photos of our cooking adventure:

Dear Santa...

While catching up on my blog reading this morning, I found myself repeatedly saying "oohhhh, I want that!"  Instead of adding several different posts for each of these items (many of which I've noted before), I thought I'd just do one big Dear Santa post comprised of some wonderful things to add to our Brooklyn home :
Resin Trophy Heads

Porcelain Trophy Heads

Arrow Wall Decor

Birch Wallpaper

Scrapwood Wallpaper

Floating Feather Ornaments
And of course something for miss Ella :

What a Wonderful Weekend

My weekend was packed full of happy things : Ella our new little kitten, sleep-in and be lazy Saturday, home-made omelet brunch, Charlie Brown Christmas play, holiday card printing on the press, ZuZu Ramen, and an Arrested Development marathon to finish off Sunday.

It was a good one, hope yours was too!

Charlie Brown Christmas Play at the Brooklyn Lyceum

This weekend, we got into the Christmas spirit with the Charlie Brown play at the Brooklyn Lyceum.  The 45 minute play was put on by Pig Brooch Theatre Company and included a full cartoon set and a live three piece band who played Vince Guaraldi's original score.

The theatrical performance was so great to watch especially because they tried to mimic the Charlie Brown Christmas cartoon as much as possible, but I also must give credit to some of the children in the audience whose late giggles made it extra special.  I can't wait to go back to see it again next year!

Welcome to the Family Ella

Josh and I adopted a little kitten this weekend. We named her Elouise, or Ella for short. We did a ton of research and think she's a Korat breed.  She is absolutely beautiful with her grey-silver silky fur and hazel eyes, and quite a pleasure to be around.  Her motor is always running and she loves to play, eat, sleep, and cuddle.

In Taiwan culture, a Korat kitten is given to a newly married couple as a good luck gift. Coincidentally, Ella was found in Brooklyn in the hood of a car that traveled from Buffalo, NY on September 4th of this year... which is the day Josh and I got married!  Good luck, good fortune, good marriage.  Thanks Ella!

Welcome to the family!

Happy Birthday baby Miette!

Congratulations Jason and Ceca, Miette is absolutely beautiful!  Born today in Belgrade, Miette is brand new to this world and I'm a new aunt.  Wishing her a wonderful life full of happiness and adventure.  Can't wait to meet you, little lovebug.


This past weekend, Josh and I volunteered our day with HELP-PORTRAIT by taking family holiday portraits for local families who may not be able to afford one this year. HELP-PORTRAIT is a global movement of photographers using their time, gear, and expertise to give back to those in need.

We set up shop at a local church in Park Slope, Brooklyn and convinced over 40 families to stop in and get a family portrait, many of them had never had a family portrait taken at all.  We had a full crew to welcome any- and everyone, provide hair / makeup styling, photograph, edit,  and print the portraits, and even offer snacks and beverages for the families while they waited for their prints and digital CDs.  It was a full day event that made many people happy.  It was wonderful to see the families laughing about a funny expression captured, and ooohhhh over the final printed product.  Time very well spent! I'm already looking forward to next year's HELP-PORTRAIT event.

Here's our wonderful volunteer crew :

If you're interested in making this happen in your area for next year's event date, visit the HELP-PORTRAIT website to see if there's a branch already set up in your area, or find more information on how to get one started.

The Vintage Backpack

Ok, ok, I admit... I'm no good with handbags!  I've tried a dozen times and we just don't work out.  I can't tell you how many times I've left a handbag at a restaurant, movie, bar, work, or just about anywhere.

I think I've found the perfect solution (links are included in photo captions):
Rucksack Festival Bag
Coffee Backpack

I think I can hang on to a backpack much better than a handbag!  I'm at least willing to give it a try with one of these awesomely beautiful vintage (or vintage-inspired) backpacks... Dear Santa.

DIY Crate Shelves

There's a strange space in our living room that is currently not filled properly.  I'd LOVE to add this Crate Shelf and with a record player on top in that space.  I think it would work perfectly!

Now the tough part will be finding the best crates!

Print for Me, Pretty Please.

I really love these new print by Pat Perry now on sale through his site.  Maybe I should add this to my Dear Santa list.

A Special Visit

This evening, Josh and I went on a special tour of O'Connells bar in Brooklyn in honor of the late Elliott Smith.  We sat at one of the booths Elliott did while he wrote his album XO and listened to some oldies on the jukebox.  It was an honor.

Today in the Studio

My partner in crime is working from home today, so I've got some company and it's wonderful!  I've been designing and carving a couple of new prints as well as working on a design technique / idea for a family member.  Life is good : a chill is in the air, inspiration is overflowing, and a little company is always nice (not to mention a great playlist from that side of the desk).

Sneak peek :

DIY Holiday Wreaths

Our little Brooklyn apartment is small enough that fitting a full-size Christmas tree in it is a little bit unreasonable.  Usually we settle for a couple of greenery wreaths.  This year, in addition to the wreaths, I'd like to incorporate a couple "upcycled" wreaths.  Here are some DIY wreaths I'll be attempting :
Book Wreath

Paper Leaves Wreath
Paper Wreath
Yarn Wreaths

And if you really want to try something challenging, try this Garden Wreath :

Garden Wreath