Murphy Munday-Goleman

My very first piece of mail arrived with my new name!!!  I am so happy!

What a difference...!

What a difference new towels make!  We have always used hand-me-down towels from our families, until very recently.  We used a Macy's wedding gift card to shop for some new, fluffy, oh-so-comfy towels and my goodness they are amazing!

We ended up purchasing a light grey, dark grey, teal combination - which we love.  Makes me want to shower more often, just to snuggle in those things!

Yummy Paper Collages

Lena Wolf, a contemporary paper collage artist has a good thing going on.  I love the simplicity of these paper illustrations; she uses minimal cut-out shapes collaged in multiple layers to create intriguing stories, patterns, and often complex designs.

I think I'll mark this down as a little sketchbook inspiration!

Nostalgic Nautical Decor

Thomas Paul might just be my favorite designer for interior home accents right now.   Not that I'm in love with all of his designs, but there are a handful that I would really like to incorporate into our home.  These designs have a vintage look partnered with the nautical theme - it's so great! 

Here are a few of my favorites :

Getting Ready for Winter Cuddles

Today, my husband and I decided on a new purchase for our apartment...  I'm thrilled to announce we're getting a new sofa!  Not just any old couch, this thing is pure luxury. Perfect for winter time cuddling and snuggling!
Belgian Slope Arm Sofa from Restoration Hardware

This 7 foot beauty in Belgian Linen Sand fabric will be (un-gracefully) delivered to our apartment at the end of October.  Featuring a large width - perfect for 2, extra foot room, and super plush down-filled pillows, this sofa is quite frankly the sofa of our dreams.  We have to be patient, but can hardly wait!  Details and photos will absolutely be posted once our new furniture arrives.

Sweet Sounds of Autumn

Autumn has begun to roll in.  I've been enjoying the sounds of the approaching season a lot lately.  A few of my favorite fall ear-treats are : fallen leaves dancing in the wind, the sound of acorns falling all around, and the gentle lull of rainfall.

I hope this fall season decides to stay a while, I would really enjoy a few extra bike rides in this cool air!

New Piece of Wood Furniture!

Yesterday, while showing our Brooklyn spirit at the Atlantic Antic festival, we stumbled upon this lovely local furniture design team : A Little of India.  Using reclaimed Pennsylvania barn wood, this husband-wife team handmakes furniture including desks, tables, benches, and coffee tables.  We simply couldn't leave without a new coffee table!

This new furniture piece has transformed our couch-lounging experience for the better!

New Ways of Cooking in Our Home

Sunday was errands day at the Goleman household.  We excitedly worked our way into the city to get some new, super comfy towels using a gift certificate we received as a wedding gift.  Next, we charged on to Bed, Bath, and Beyond where we decided on a new cast-iron stove-top grill!  I can't tell you how excited I am to have this!  I feel like our cooking options have expanded tremendously!

To christen the grill, I cooked some balsamic chicken, new potatoes, and asparagus all on the grill.

And finished the night off with a fresh batch of lemon squares.  YUM!

Happy Birthday B Paul

Dearest Bethany Paul, happy birthday!  Hope you're having a wonderful time in Colorado.  

Check out some photos of her freakin' amazing hair salon & tattoo parlor in Williamsburg, Brooklyn called Graceland.

Needing that Log Cabin Feel

Lately I've been a little overboard in love with all types of wood decorations for our home.  Maybe it's the cool fall air rolling in, and my winter wish of cuddling next to a fire.  Either that or I loved the Workshop and bonfires in Maine so much I desire to bring them home with me!  I've come across a few decoration ideas that I'm dying to try, though I'm not too sure how I could realistically implement them into our small Brooklyn apartment.

We don't have a fireplace or mantle in our apartment, but it would be so much fun to make one like this :

Original post found here on Apartment Therapy

Or what about using some lovely earthy wallpaper?  I think this would look really great on the split walls in our living room :

Sold at Anthropologie

Maybe the simple addition of wooden hooks made by Live Wire Farm would do the trick :

A little log cabin in my life wouldn't be a bad thing!  Home sweet home.

The Sketchbook Project

I came across The Sketchbook Project this morning, and oh how I wish I could participate.  It's not that i can't, it's just that I'm not at all comfortable with my sketchbook design skills.

$25 to sign up, they send you a Moleskine sketchbook, you fill it up according to the theme you selected, and ship it back before Jan 15, 2011... then it goes on display around the US!  Including cities like Brooklyn, Austin, San Fran, Portland Maine.  I'll definitely add the exhibit to my calendar, and add a sketchbook goal to my list.  Maybe I'll pick up a new Moleskine at the bookstore today just to see.

Feeling Inspired

With the cool air on it's way in, and a few weeks of pure bliss behind me, I'm feeling totally and completely inspired!  Why not share my inspirations (and even results)?  I'm not sure how "good" of a blogger I'll be, but I figured I'd give it a shot.

Lately I've been inspired by love, world travels, my neighborhood, the sounds, the breeze, new music, natural colors, a stiff drink, the idea of home decorating, along with an abundance of other sensory inspirations.  Topping my list include : Thomas Paul, all decorations wood, nautical sketches, and the dream of a huge comfy couch in my home.

Cheers to a new blog.