And Old Fashioned Rope Swings

The Original Tree Swing company is full of old fashioned goodies for kids and adults alike.  I especially love their Original Tree Swing, Original Bench Swing, and of course, the Old Fashioned Slingshot.  I'd take just about anything made by them though.

Oh how I would love to be swinging on one of those swings in a field, while sipping on my morning coffee today!

Riding in the Rain

The other day, Josh and I rented one of our mopeds to a friend for a video shoot.  A pretty cool set prop if you ask me!  Here's the story of an unexpected fun adventure :

I delivered the bike early in the morning for the crew to use and waited for a call later in the day to pick it up.  The end of the day rolled around and still no word.  Their shooting day lasted a bit longer than they expected, but it was no concern for me!  After I was finished working, I rode the second moped up to the set to meet Josh, planning ahead so that the both of us could ride the mopeds home.  By the time we got to their set, the shoot was still not yet wrapped.  Josh and I wasted some time grabbing a drink at a bar near the set - happend upon a trivial night which was a lot of fun - and finally their shoot was complete.

We picked up the rented bike and hopped on our mopeds to head home.  As soon as we got on the road home, it started pouring.  I'm talking buckets of rain, thunder, and lightning!  We had a few miles to ride in the rain before arriving at home - and we got drenched.  It was invigorating!  The rain was pounding against my face, chest, and legs as I rode 25mph through the storm.  Blinking as quick as I could to keep clear vision, I couldn't help but to feel every bump on the road, every drop of rain, every sensation possible throughout the entirety of the ride.

We made it home safe and sound and soaked to the core, but it was one of the best rides on the bikes so far!  It wasn't the easiest ride home, and I wouldn't necessarily ask for it again, but I am happy to have had that experience.

A kick in the senses was very much appreciated!

An Aerium

Oohhh la la!  What a beautiful little treasure.  These aeriums each have their own unique look, so organic and beautiful.  I can't wait for the next time I need to send a gift - you know where I'll be shopping!

Summer Time Lawn Games :: Boccee Ball

I love a fun summer picnic filled with watermelon, Arnold Palmers, and lawn games.  I especially love playing Bocce Ball.

Here's an awesome vintage-inspired set from Restoration Hardware on sale now.  If you need a set yourself, want to give one to me, or have a friend with a summer birthday, keep this set in mind!  It would make a perfect gift!

See Scout Sleep :: Giving Back with Pet Beds

This Louisiana-based company See Scout Sleep is not only making amazing dog beds, but they're also giving back to their community.  This is the best type of company to support - do yourself and them a favor and place an order!

They're made from sustainable, natural hemp fibers that are naturally dyed and are filled with buckwheat hulls and Kapok.  The design patterns on the beds are original artwork designed by and screen-printed by local Louisiana artists using water-based dyes.  Seriously love all of this, don't you?

It's Been a While!

Hi friends.  For those who keep up with my blog (or used to), I apologize for being MIA over the past few months.  Spring busyness hit me hard, and I'm just now feeling like I'm catching my breath.  Over the past several weeks, I've had the pleasure of taking part in the following adventures :

- traveled with my husband to upstate NY, Vermont, Boston as his photo assistant
- traveled to Knoxville, TN to visit my family and sister who is in town from Nicaragua
- bought 2 vintage Mopeds (one gold, one green) and have put a few miles on those babies too
- supplied our wonderful friends Gary and Lisa with their very own special Homebrew for their wedding (check out the photos!!)
- spent the day on Coney Island in celebration of another friend's birthday - the great Lisa Elmaleh
- work, work, worked on our new photo studio TeaCup Studios

That's just the short list that comes to mind at the moment.  There have been many hours of accounting, taxes, producing, editing, business managing, playing, awwwwing at Ella, visiting with friends old and new, and very little relaxing.  I'm catching up on hang time over the next few weeks and plan to pick back up on my blog.

That's my update for now.  Hope you have a good one!