Made from Scratch : Japanese Ramen

Chef Goleman and Sous Chef Munday-Goleman made a fine cuisine for dinner last weekend.  We took on the challenge of Japanese Ramen from scratch.  We adapted a couple of recipes we found online and the result was spectacular.

It was D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!

Maine is for Lovers

I think the "newlywed" phase is really the only justifiable time for self-indulgent home decorations.  We decided to dedicate a couple of areas in our home to our milestone travels to Maine.  Personally, I don't think it's too much.  Hope you agree.

Center for Alternative Photography - Platinum & Palladium Workshop

Over the weekend before Thanksgiving, I was lucky enough to be a part of the Center for Alternative Photography's Platinum & Palladium two-day workshop.  The workshop was led by Carl Weese and was an all-inclusive beginner crash course on this precise method of printing.  I assisted Carl as an intern, helping with the photographic and printing processes quite a bit.

A brief description of the printing method :

Developed in the 1870's, platinum and palladium printing is a contact printing method where an individual sheet of fine art paper is coated with a platinum or palladium (sometimes both) emulsion, exposed to UV light, then developed to reveal a beautiful print (if all goes well).  The ideal result is a beautiful print portraying fine variances in tone and color which is composed of tiny particles of non-reactive platinum and palladium embedded within the fine art paper.  It is a very sensitive and time consuming process where the photographer / printmaker has enormous control of the print's color, tone, and surface with selections of paper and it's chemical formula along with the selected materials and procedures.

During our workshop, students photographed on 4x5 black and white film, developed the film with Carl, and experimented with many of the platinum / palladium variables including paper types, chemical balances, and exposure times.  I'm very happy to have been involved, and hope I can work with the Center for Alternative Photography again!

A Celebration in Austin

I think we celebrated being with good friends all hours of the day!

My Austin top ten favorite fun times :
1- Enjoying some much missed best friend-family time!
2- Three bonfires - one for each night we were there!
3- Uncommon Objects
4- Two-Step at the Broken Spoke
5- Cherry Limeade's at Big Top
6- Austin local Thanksgiving dinner
7- Playing the Quelf board game
8- Men-hosted pizza night
9- Quiche and pie breakfast on Thanksgiving while watching the parade and dog show
10- Hand-shelled pican pie using pecans off the backyard tree

It was a very special holiday, and tough to leave Austin.  I can't wait to visit again!

48 Hours in Tulsa - Top Ten

I can't believe November is almost over already, we were just getting started.  It has been such a wonderful month.  I just returned form a whirlwind holiday trip to Tulsa and Austin to visit family and friends.  It couldn't have been better!

Here's the rundown of my favorite fun adventures in Tulsa :
1- Tulsa Oilers hockey game (the Oilers won 3-0!)
2- Raking and jumping in leaf piles
3- Dwelling Spaces Tulsa local art shop
4- Downtown Tulsa tour
5- Breakfast in bed hosted by the in-laws - DELICIOUS!
6- Dining at Carrabba's (yes, it's one of my favorites)
7- Lots of family time, including visiting with Grammy and Mema8
8- The traditional pedicure
9- Delicious cappuccinos at Topeca
10- Playing with the sweetest little dog Dot

And of course, a couple of photos to prove our fun...

Generalstore Greatness in Brooklyn

I sure do wish I could own everything in the Brook Farm Generalstore here in Brooklyn! I'm pretty sure they make everything for someone like me, because I love everything they sell.  Everything.  Lucky for those who don't live in the NYC area, they do have an an online store.  You can shop online while I continue to do my best to avoid making daily trips here.

Some items at the top of my wish list are :

Whiskey Rocks

Toothbrush - recycled wood, dollar bills, or flax

Six Stainless Steel Straws
Makr Horizon 3 Wallet
Rosewood Folding Knife

Scott Avett : Multi-talented Artist Extraordinaire

I've been working on some printmaking work today in the studio, while enjoying the wonderful sounds of The Avett Brothers.  When up popped a new Design Sponge post on my RSS reader and to my surprise the post was an interview with Scott Avett, one of the Avett brothers!  It turns out he's not only an extremely talented musician but also a painter and printmaker.  His woodblock work is really something quite amazing.

Here are a few of my favorite woodblock prints from Scott :


Some friends of mine are starting a new zine project called COM-POST.  Based out of Nashville, TN, RH and Daniel are requesting participation via snail mail and all contents will be included in their zine.  The goal is to establish a community through free participation in the common act of sharing.  So simple, so great!  I've finally finished my contribution and am mailing it today.

Hope they enjoy!

I Just Love...

I just LOVE weekends like this one.  I was so busy, I didn't even stop to take photos.  My weekend was filled with live music, pommes frites, a little redecorating at our home, tomato bisque dinner party, bread and cheese, delicious wine, board games, handstands and back bends in the park, a wonderful bike ride, and a little couch relaxing before Monday hit.  I spent lots of time with friends and plenty of time exploring Brooklyn, just me and my husband.

It was just wonderful!

Friday in the Studio

Sunlight is pouring in, wonderful music is on, and I'm working on a new, secret linoleum plate...

Wine + Cheese + Wedding Photos

The lovely and talented Gary Ashley, along with his wonderful fiance Lisa Raffo treated Josh and I to a perfect wedding gift : wine, cheese, and wedding photos.  They went above and beyond to make us feel oh-so-special.  We are absorbing them personally for just a bit longer, and will be very happy to share them soon!

THANK YOU Gary and Lisa for such a perfect gift!  We couldn't be happier!

true love.

Officially Printing at Home

Just a couple of weekends ago I picked up THIS printing press from a neighborhood vintage sale.  I've had a few opportunities to test this baby out.  Here are a couple of results :

On the left is the first print which was pulled from the type already set upon purchase.  The right print is obviously my own creation.

From the research I've done, this press is considered a Sign Press and was used most predominantly in the 60's by department stores. It seems as though they made signs to represent their store hours and often to inform passersby of upcoming sales.   I love that the type set prior to my purchase was an actual store sign.

My press is a very simple press all inside a metal travel box.  The metal box has three drawers (1 for type, 1 for the roller mechanism, and a narrow one that I'm using to store the wood spacers), and the inner flat space is used to lay the type and pull the print.  This press came with 3 sizes of the same font.  The type seems to be made from a rubber or linoleum material.  I'm hoping to acquire some wood or metal fonts to try out on this press as well.

One downfall is that this press doesn't have any way to increase or decrease impression pressure.  However, it only weighs 50 lbs or so, which is a very decent tradeoff.  I'm doing a bit of research and testing to see if felts or extra "padding" under the type tray will help increase the type impressions.  I look forward to posting more of my printing experiments in the near future.

Soup's On

What could be a better fall smell than soup cookin' in the kitchen?  It's such a perfect chilly-day treat!  This weekend, we have Chicken Tortilla Soup to warm us from the inside out.  YUM!

New Sofa AKA 'Cuddle Nest'

Our brand new sofa has finally arrived... no doubt with much anticipation and even a little anxiety.  We have done some pretty thorough testing and the sofa has received an A+. It's soft, comfy, roomy, and kinda feels like you've fallen into a little cocoon of cuddle.  I think we'll add a little bit of color with some extra throw pillows and blankets, which will only up the extreme comfort level.  It's a keeper and oh-so-yummy!  Especially on a rainy day like today.  I can't wait for a movie marathon on the couch this weekend!

Here's the photo story of the sofa delivery:

Ta da!  Yes, you saw that all correctly.  If you'll notice, the gentleman's shirt in the red reads "SURGEON".  That's right.  We hired Dr.Sofa to disassemble our brand new sofa into 2 pieces, move it into our apartment, and re-assemble it in our apartment. Unfortunately one of the drawbacks of New York City living is small and tight hallways and stairwells.  That was certainly the case for us.  We got the job done though!  Thank you Dr.Sofa!!!

A few more details : the "surgeons" did have to SAW the frame of the sofa into 2 pieces (the arms and base were separates from the whole back of the sofa.)  They did a really awesome job re-aligning and re-assembling with metal brackets and tons of screws. There were no issues with any fabric, and I'm confident that the sofa is just as good as the brand new sofa it was before they moved it in.  I would highly recommend this service to anyone in need.