Mike's Knife Sharpening Truck

I just love this!  A man named Mike for the past 60+ years has been driving his knife sharpening truck around NYC and surrounding areas offering his services to anyone interested.  He is a portable knife sharpener.  Mike and his notorious green truck were spotted on my street just the other day.  I was so happy to see him in action!  Unfortunately I didn't need any knives sharpened, but next time he's in the area I will definitely be using his services even if my knives are already sharp; just for the experience.

Too cute!


  1. is there a phone number to get ahold of Mike? I need to contact him about a month long rental of his truck/services for a major retailer. Please call 914 749 3421 if you have information of how I can get ahold of one of these grinding trucks

  2. I'm sorry - I've only seen him on the streets of Brooklyn once or twice. I'm not certain how to track him down. Good luck!!