Oh My! Pumpkin Carving!

OK, I'll admit, I found myself channel-surfing last night and stumbled upon the best show to get me in the Halloween Spirit : Food Network's CHALLENGE : Outrageous Pumpkins 2.  Four talented punkin' carvers set their goals high in this 3-round carving challenge.

The first round was the "Classic Jack-O-Lantern", the second round was "3D carving", and the third round was themed "Pumpkin Masterpiece".  The winner was the extraordinary talented sculptor Ray Villafane.  If you missed the show, I highly recommend trying to catch it at another air time.  It's worth it!

Here is Ray's "3d Carving" round finished pumpkin called Jack-O-n'Hyde (yes, it's a real pumpkin!!) :
And here's Ray's 3rd round Pumpkin Masterpiece entitled Medusa, complete with wriggling snakes :

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