48 Hours in Tulsa - Top Ten

I can't believe November is almost over already, we were just getting started.  It has been such a wonderful month.  I just returned form a whirlwind holiday trip to Tulsa and Austin to visit family and friends.  It couldn't have been better!

Here's the rundown of my favorite fun adventures in Tulsa :
1- Tulsa Oilers hockey game (the Oilers won 3-0!)
2- Raking and jumping in leaf piles
3- Dwelling Spaces Tulsa local art shop
4- Downtown Tulsa tour
5- Breakfast in bed hosted by the in-laws - DELICIOUS!
6- Dining at Carrabba's (yes, it's one of my favorites)
7- Lots of family time, including visiting with Grammy and Mema8
8- The traditional pedicure
9- Delicious cappuccinos at Topeca
10- Playing with the sweetest little dog Dot

And of course, a couple of photos to prove our fun...

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