New Sofa AKA 'Cuddle Nest'

Our brand new sofa has finally arrived... no doubt with much anticipation and even a little anxiety.  We have done some pretty thorough testing and the sofa has received an A+. It's soft, comfy, roomy, and kinda feels like you've fallen into a little cocoon of cuddle.  I think we'll add a little bit of color with some extra throw pillows and blankets, which will only up the extreme comfort level.  It's a keeper and oh-so-yummy!  Especially on a rainy day like today.  I can't wait for a movie marathon on the couch this weekend!

Here's the photo story of the sofa delivery:

Ta da!  Yes, you saw that all correctly.  If you'll notice, the gentleman's shirt in the red reads "SURGEON".  That's right.  We hired Dr.Sofa to disassemble our brand new sofa into 2 pieces, move it into our apartment, and re-assemble it in our apartment. Unfortunately one of the drawbacks of New York City living is small and tight hallways and stairwells.  That was certainly the case for us.  We got the job done though!  Thank you Dr.Sofa!!!

A few more details : the "surgeons" did have to SAW the frame of the sofa into 2 pieces (the arms and base were separates from the whole back of the sofa.)  They did a really awesome job re-aligning and re-assembling with metal brackets and tons of screws. There were no issues with any fabric, and I'm confident that the sofa is just as good as the brand new sofa it was before they moved it in.  I would highly recommend this service to anyone in need.

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