Revolutionary Resolutions 2011

Twenty-eleven... have you said it out loud several times?  It still doesn't roll off my tongue easily.

I need to be accountable about my resolutions this year, so here's my 2011 resolution list (split into three categories) :

- keep in touch with friends more
- read more books
- watch less TV
- travel more internationally
- take more photos of the beautiful small daily details
- be more organized around the home
- pay off student loan

- practice balanced eating and dieting
- learn how to cook more healthy food varieties
- work out more frequently
- run a 10K in 2011
- stop biting nails
- stop popping knuckles

- create more
- keep a copy of artwork that inspires me, and use it to create something
- print more prints on my sign press, just for fun
- be more organized and punctual

I hope to continue to post my 2011 resolution progress throughout the year!  So far, I've definitely been more creative and motivated... looking forward to many great results!

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