Brew Round Two + Brooklyn Wort Homebrew Competition

This past weekend was full of homebrew for us! Josh and I attended the Brooklyn Wort homebrew competition held at the Gowanus Studio and brewed our second bath of Anchor Space homebrew.  At Brooklyn Wort, we tasted 30 different homebrews and voted on our favorite.  One of the two we voted for received the Judges Choice award.  I think that means we're good brew tasters!

And a bit about our own homebrew : we went for a red hop ale and decided to call it the Anchor Space : Otis REDding.  It should be good!  We used a great blend of grains and chocolate for steeping, four different hops (aroma and bittering variations), and a lovely red malt to make a great hoppy red ale.  Plus it's already fermenting in the carboy!

Two weeks of carboy fermentation ahead, plus three more weeks of fermentation in the bottles until they are carbonated and have some alcohol, but we're already looking forward to the first taste!

Here are some of our weekend photos :

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