Home Decor that's a Wee Bit Creepy

I've always been interested in oddities, but my attraction to strange home decor has grown over the last year or two.  I pridefully display a bird spine portion and one of Ella's baby teeth right along with my succulents and house plants.  But, living in NYC has it's limitations when it comes to finding au naturel novelties.

My list of I really wish I could find these nature wonders includes : a bee hive, a few birds nests, shells, starfish, and other ocean wonders, a set or two of antlers, a turtle shell, and a few butterflies.  If you find any of these or anything similar and send them my way - I will be sure to send you a treasure of other sorts.

Since my chances of finding these natural novelties in my neighborhood are very slim, I might need to incorporate decor like these for the time being :

Insect bottles by Laura Zindel.

10 dollar drawing or woodblock drawing by Alicia Lynn Carrier.

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