It's Been a While!

Hi friends.  For those who keep up with my blog (or used to), I apologize for being MIA over the past few months.  Spring busyness hit me hard, and I'm just now feeling like I'm catching my breath.  Over the past several weeks, I've had the pleasure of taking part in the following adventures :

- traveled with my husband to upstate NY, Vermont, Boston as his photo assistant
- traveled to Knoxville, TN to visit my family and sister who is in town from Nicaragua
- bought 2 vintage Mopeds (one gold, one green) and have put a few miles on those babies too
- supplied our wonderful friends Gary and Lisa with their very own special Homebrew for their wedding (check out the photos!!)
- spent the day on Coney Island in celebration of another friend's birthday - the great Lisa Elmaleh
- work, work, worked on our new photo studio TeaCup Studios

That's just the short list that comes to mind at the moment.  There have been many hours of accounting, taxes, producing, editing, business managing, playing, awwwwing at Ella, visiting with friends old and new, and very little relaxing.  I'm catching up on hang time over the next few weeks and plan to pick back up on my blog.

That's my update for now.  Hope you have a good one!

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