Nestled Up in Norway

I would do just about anything to live a life like this.  I found the story of this captivating cabin called Roparhaugen in the Weekend Cabin article of Adventure Journal's online magazine.

This Norwegian home is very much one with the nature as it was designed and built to be immersed in the surrounding landscape.  It undoubtedly suggest an aching feeling of whimsical and moody romance the instant your eyes gaze upon the grounds - this even transcends through the photographs below.

The Weekend Cabin article describes Roparhaugen as this : "They poured their energies into building something of honor on this wind-swept rise above rocky barrier islands, and the structure reflects a deep connection to tradition, with furnishings and style that seem rooted in centuries of Scandanavian life. "  Though it seems there are multiple structures on the property, the are all in fact connected through underground passageways built of local rock.  The decision to use many raw and natural materials both within the architecture and interior design make this home as close to my dream home as I've ever seen.

Simply breathtaking!


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