Revolutionary Resolutions 2011 in Reality

I think I'm gaining success on my 2011 resolutions with each day that passes.  I've been engulfed in reading, organizing, and creating lately.  It feels good.

A short list of my accomplishments :

- I've definitely been much more organized.  I've accomplished a ton of business know-how on taxes, S-Corps, 1099s, server organization, accounting methods, and more!

- My personal and business receipts are organized with a system in place for keeping track of them.  One book down, four in progress on the reading list... though some of them are business-related, I'm still expanding my brain by means of book reading.  This also means I'm watching less TV.  Win-win!

- I've been more creative lately : brewing beer, cooking new recipes, and still continuing to find new artwork that inspires me.  I've got 3 pieces of art in progress and a few project ideas for the hopper in my brain.  I wish I was more motivated after the sun goes down to work on them though - my how I struggle with that one.

- Knuckle popping... the habit is not yet broken, however I'm becoming aware of the popping "in action" which I think is Step One.

- I've also started a once-a-week workout session with my good friend Lisa.  It's a start!  I think I'll be more eager to get fit once it warms up above 30 degrees.

All in all, I'd say my 2011 resolution list is getting great action.  I'll continue to update as I progress.  Hope you've held true to your resolutions as well.

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