Wilderness Appreciation : Lovin' the Fungi!

Wild mushrooms must be one of the most beautiful things that grow!  Often nestled in a small nook near a rock or hidden within the mosaic of tree bark, you can't resist to ooohhhh and aahhhh if you spot one during a game of "I spy" while on a nature walk.

Design Sponge recently featured their "Mushroom Madness" adventure featuring a DIY mushroom garden centerpiece project.  Wouldn't I just LOVE to have an abundance of these as decorations all over my home.  I'm always drawn to showcasing nature in my home - I certainly wish I could play wilderness "I spy" more often.  I suppose that is one of the drawbacks of living in the city.

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  1. hahaaa! my friend makes mushroom pillows and small mushrooms you can attatch with magnet